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    Interfacing Nokia6310i with Microcontroller

    Do you think you could elaborate a little bit more? Thanks for the reply, but I'm a little confused about what you mean.
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    Interfacing Nokia6310i with Microcontroller

    microcontroller at+cmgf=1 HI I'm using an atmega16 with a nokia 6310i cell phone. I have written some code for the micro to send to a cell phone via AT commands. unsigned char str1[] = "AT+CMGF=1"; unsigned char str2[] = "AT+CMGS="/5123333333/""; unsigned char str3[] = "TEST!"; void...
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    AT commands and hyperterminal

    hyperterminal ctrl+z I am using a Samsung T809 cell through a usb port. I was trying to use a Nokia 6310i but could never get hyperterminal (or Nokia pc suite) to recognize the phone. I did set the modem settings through "Device manager" to match the settings I am using on hyperterminal. I am...
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    AT commands and hyperterminal

    hyperterminal commands Hi, I am trying to send a text message using hyperterminal and AT commands Ex: at OK at+cmgf=1 OK at+cmgs="2107791679" (also tried at+cmgw) > hello When I enter "ctrl z" I get a little arrow after hello and hyperterminal just hangs there. It doesn't respond or send the...

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