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Recent content by Donskister

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    Help me troubleshoot a LCD monitor of a hematology analyzer

    Theres any one knows how to troubleshoots a LCD monitor of a hematology analyzer. The display output on the screen is blur. Is there any component of the board of LCD cause the blur or the LCD is the culprit one. Can you help me guys how to diagnose it. THanks
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    Turn on after 3 seconds turn off

    Hi Guys… I just came to my friend place yesterday to repair his audio system with full of knowledge thru the tips I gathered to all of you guys ( Checked for cracked solder joint, speaker wiring, failing capacitors in the protect circuit... I confirmed that when I checked his audio before...
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    Help me troubleshoot Sony TV 25" model KV-25FX1

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good Day.. Have anyone knows what seem to be the problem? And can give me tips how to troubleshoots Sony TV 25" model KV-25FX1? When i turn on the power theres no display on the screen, i can adjust the...
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    Turn on after 3 seconds turn off

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went to my friend he ask for my help if i can repair his kenwood model RX-39 audio system. I turn on the power then it seems the unit have no problem but after 3 seconds the unit turn off and the message appear...
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    Why 60 hertz or 50hertz

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone... Good day. Im noticed some devices like motors, appliances or any electronic devices used different rated of hertz liked our TV used 60 hertz some TV used 50 Hz others rated 50~60. I know that...

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