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    Using 8051 for making a PLC

    Re: 8051 based PLC Update, Go to https://www.cq.cx/ladder.pl, open source PLC for PIC and AVR, now maybe 8051 too -- look in the Forum. Couple of uploads which may work with Amtel 8051's. Like other members thoughts.
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    Do you believe that universe is built on some simple equations?

    Re: Do you believe? simple equations are reassuring and make us think we understand. I don't think the situation has changed much since I was a physics major -- back then they could solve the 2 body central force problem and hooks law. (Note, these are idealized case that do not reflect any...
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    The next step in our understanding?

    I would like other member's thoughts on an especially interesting book: The Field, the quest for the secret force of the universe by Lynne McTaggart ISBN 978-0-06-143518-8 Our understanding has always struck me as incomplete and fragmented. This book doesn't plug all the holes or...
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    Mayan Prophecy: What's your view?

    I find it very strang that the Mayan's should fixate on 2012 and that what we see happening in the world seem to correlate? Supposedly, the Mayan prophecy was derived from some insight about the cycles of the sun? It does appear to be getting hotter, but not because of the sun spot cycle...
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    Using 8051 for making a PLC

    ladder para 8051 I just recently found the following link to some orphaned software that has source for a ladder program: https://www.desmet-c.com/sources.shtml Note that the executable supplied are for Atmel ATmega 1281 / Atmel ATmega 2561, but with source it might be able to be ported to...
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    code and symbol information in binary file format cod &

    Re: code and symbol information in binary file format cod &a I have a simular problem. I'm not familar with PIC microcontrolers. I found a project for a pulse generator that I wanted to build in an old Magazine. I finially found the code for the PIC, but the file that was on the ftp site had...
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    Help me with 3D parts layout via Manchine Vision

    Tubing Layout? Anyone know of anybody doing 3D parts layout via manchine vission? Specifically, I'm wantinig to capture the geometry of some bent tubes after the fact without all the fancy fixturing, probing ect that normally goes along with this.
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    Programs for simulating GALs programming.

    Re: about GALs programming. Look at vendore sites; especially Lattice.
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    Diff between PLC's and microcontrollers

    Well, there are some simularities, but there are lots of historical and practicle differences. PLC's evolved out of early indusstral controls. There are certain things that are implied with a PLC: latency input/response time, isolations of inputs, ect. Also the languages that a PLC is...
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    What is the embedded C and how does it differ from normal C?

    Re: Embedded C It appears that I submitted the same comment twice. Sorry about that, but I'll modify my dublicate posting to answer the question about sources of information about embedded C. Search for information on the 8051, PIC, and AVR. There are lots of ebooks for these micros...
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    What is the embedded C and how does it differ from normal C?

    Re: Embedded C "C" as originially written was for developing operating systems on mini computers. The power and elegance of this tool soon made it very popular for all types of applications. It soon moved to the micro computers that were taking the place of the larger machines. In all these...
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    the abbyy fine reader software works good with high quality scans, especially files saved as multipage tiff files. It can also group files togher and convert to pdf.
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    Bad news for US Engineers

    Of course it is about profits! Bussiness for the most part are design of the growth model - make more and more money have more and more control. Problem is we live in a finite world. Moving to a lower wage country does increase profit marge and it may open new markets. It also avoids some...
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    Bad news for US Engineers

    As one directly effected by the economic changes, my employeement will efectively end January 5th of 2004, I can see all the diffierent sides of the arguements. Yes, there needs to be a leveling in the world, but it really needs to start in the individual countries. What I am seeing is an...
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    Can PIC work instead of PLC ?

    Re: PLC & PIC Just about amy micro can be used to take the place of PLC- often with improved efficiency and almost as goo reliability. However, the problem with using micros is that when problems develope only personnel familar with the micro can troubleshoot at the chip level. In real life...

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