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    How to design a simple equalizer in Matlab?

    I want to design a simple equalizer in matlab for this i am planing to desing some filters catering to some frequencies bands and then just pass a PCM stream to it. I am planning for FIR filters ? Can anyody share his experience when doing something like this ?
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    Difference between FFT and IMDCT ?

    Thanks for the reply but what your reporting is similar to TDAC ..
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    Difference between FFT and IMDCT ?

    Hi, Can people tell me the advantages of IMDCT over FFT ? As we all know TDAC is one of the factors . Is there any other advantage ? rgds, Dipak
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    Windowing: why delay buffer is half length of current buffer

    Windowing after IMDCT Hi all, I have a question about windowing . As we see in most of the decoding algos that windowing is done with the delay buffer having previous decoded frames component .My question is that why the lengh of delay buffer is half of the length of the current buffe...
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    HELP:spectral time-frequency analysis using fourier algorith

    Re: HELP:spectral time-frequency analysis using fourier algo You have to just take the FFT of the signal and then take the square of the components thereafter . By plotting this graph you can get the PSD graph of the signal. dipak P.S. If your doing in MATLAB then fft,square,plot...
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    Where to start learning DSP?

    octave dsp The best thing that you can do is to download octave(www.octave.com) it is a tool which is same as matlab and is a key yo understand basic functionalities in DSP . After this start with Richard lyons this is one of the simplest books around and then implement everything or the...

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