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Recent content by dinaganesh

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    pipeline in ASIC design

    hi actually basic concept behind pipelining is to reduce the execution speed of the processors. normally execution of instruction takes place one after the other , but in pipeling concept, when the execution goes to the 2 nd cycle of first instruction ,at the same time the...
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    wat is the diffrence !!

    hello friends, can anyone clearly say what is the exact difference between FPGA, SOC and ASIP(application specific integrated processors) ? plz ,,i have lot of confusion on it !!
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    embedded VLSI design?

    vlsi is the thing which describes how the chips should be ? embedded describes what is application od chip?
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    help regarding humanoid robot

    can anyone get me some idea abt humanoid robot ?? or any books rearding ot it ? how to get started with this robot ? thanks in advance,,
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    is anyone interested in terahertz?

    Re: terahertz hi friend ., actually the source for terahertz is that when an high speed electron is being deflected from its straight line path .. the energy loss during its deflection or turning is released in form of terahertz radiation ...
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    What is the difference between "<=" and "=" in Verilog?

    Re: verilog doubt hi friend !! assign a = <expression >; is the assigning operator in VERILOG only in VHDL it comes as a <= <expression >;
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    Looking for VHDL code for adder

    adder vhdl hi friend ,, i think u can use this code for full adder !!! its easy library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; entity full is port ( a,b,c : in std_logic ; sum , carry : out std_logic); end full ; architecture fulladder of full is begin sum <= a xor b xor...
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    Why don't signals of different frequencies interfere?

    Re: a stupid question hi friend !!! take our atmosphere,, it is divided into various layer like stratosphere,ionoshere..etc,, all based on the behaviour of air molecules present in that particular distant range , we use ionosphere for our communication , its mean...
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    What exactly are plasmonics?

    Re: what is plasmonics? hi friend, plasmonics are a density waves of electron which is produced on the surface of a nano metal when light interact with it . It is one of the electromagnetic property of nano metals. actually light will not interact with any matter which is less than...
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    Basics of Capacitor ,Inductor

    basics of capacitor wikipedia hi, simply speaking , both store charges , the difference is that inductor store charges in form of magnetic feild(flux) , but capacitor in electric feild ( charges ) then only comes that it allows only ac ( as inductor is a coil alternating flux...
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    what is bluetooth technology?

    hi friend , bluetooth is nothing but short range wireless communication system between pc and pda ( personal digital assistants ) or btw digital systems, but short range
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    Project Regarding Digital Electronics

    i think its better of taking digital communication as your project!! as various processors for digital communication can be easily implemented using verilog and vhdl ! !!
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    can an atomic nucleus be modified ?

    nuclear force in side the nucleus is many times greater than gravity i such case can we modify it by overcoming such large force ? one fellow is sugesting that it can be done using nanotechnology !! is it true? can it be done ? according to me only...
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    What is metastability and how to recover from it?

    Re: metastability metastablilty is an intermediate condition arises due to slope in the practical clock pulse !! its like stage in between 0' and 1' . this can be eliminated by going to series of flip flops so that the set up time of the first flip flop should be double time of the...

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