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    get me some good sites of distributers for electronic components

    @Rajaram.....i am g uessing from your name that you must be mostly from India and hence I would sugeest you to look up Element14: https://in.element14.com/ you could also try RS components .
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    Problem building in avr studio 4

    I am having problems buliding my project on avr studio4 . On selecting build option the process for building is initiated but later shows an error stating a problem related to the object file : rm -rf C-Flash.o C-Flash.elf dep/* C-Flash.hex C-Flash.eep Build succeeded with 0 Warnings...
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    [SOLVED] which microcontroller do i use fo supporting i2c protocol and supplying 4 pwm outputs

    I am confused about which micro-controller do i use for my project which requires a micro-controller which supports I2C protocol and can provide 4 pwm outputs.I am not sure if which mc to choose :atmega32 ,pic, or the basic 8051. I have a development board of atmega 32 available so i hope atmega...
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    Future Opportunities in Hardware and Electronics Design Field

    Hey! As an aspiring Electronics student ,I would like to know , what in your opinion are the best options for an electronics personell to grow considering the probable future technology and future demands ! I would be gratefull for help :)
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    Could any1 provide me with a simplified block diagram of an pic 18F4XX8 microcontrler

    I have searched on google but cud not find a simple and easy to understand block diagram of an PIC 18F series microcontroller . Help needed !

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