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Recent content by dianin

  1. dianin

    Reason why my Scan-simulation is failing with post-layout netlist?

    Hello Friends, My scan-simulation is failing with post-layout netlist with SDF annotation. I'm seeing some timing violations in log file. Could anybody suggest how to debug it. Also the post-layout STA was clean (e.g. no setup/hold violations in scan-mode), then why during simulation I'm...
  2. dianin

    Very Low transition fault coverage, please help

    Thanks for the inputs. There is no D1/2/3/9 violation in my design. All the flops are scannable flops. Could anyone explain why there is a huge coverage difference in stuck-at and transition fault (besides the clock frequency)
  3. dianin

    Very Low transition fault coverage, please help

    I'm getting very low transition fault coverage (56%). The tool is cadence's Encounter Test which is pretty new to me. Could anybody suggest how to debug it. What could be the cause of low coverage. The stuck-at fault coverage is around 97%.
  4. dianin

    How to generate transition fault in encounter test?

    Please send me the script for tmax, that will give me a idea to run it in cadence tool.
  5. dianin

    How to generate transition fault in encounter test?

    Thanks Maulin! Can you share the scripts/steps for transtiotion fault test. I'm running fixed-time test with giving clock frequency info. Is there anything I should give as a input besides pin-assignment file. Thanks Dian
  6. dianin

    How to generate transition fault in encounter test?

    Hello Friends, I'm new in Encounter Test(cadence tool for ATPG). I want to generate transition fault. I came to know that need to insert the OPCG (On Product Clock Generation) logic during synthesis for this. Is any other way to generate the transition fault without inserting the OPCG, if yes...
  7. dianin

    Recommended books on computer memories

    Could anybody suugests the good books on computer memories (volatile and non-volatile). I'm looking for a book which have the detail of operation, function and usage of all kind of memories. Thanks
  8. dianin

    Getting 0 FSM extraction , PLEASE HELP

    Hi All, I'm using Cadence's Incisive tool to perfom simulation and code-coverage analysis. My desgin has 2 process FSM modelling style (means combinational and sequential logic defined in two separate process). Problem is not able to do FSM extraction getting below message from log file ...
  9. dianin

    Flow for metal mask functional ECO

    Thanks narfnarf for detail explanation. You metioned you used ICC, you can help me give some detail about "place_freeze_silicon" command. While modifing the netlist we do not know exact location of spare cells and there is the possibility that may get some timing violations if we choose the...
  10. dianin

    Flow for metal mask functional ECO

    I want to do metal mask ECO. There are some changes in RTL , I do not want to resynthesis and PnR instead map the new logic using only the spare cells. Could anybody share what is right way of doing this both at synthesis and layout stage? Is there any automated way ?
  11. dianin

    formality don't identify,when design compiler uniquify

    I think for uniquify the command is "guide_uniquify" , but did not get why are you giving "guide_reg_merge". Could you please tell how do you know that formality is not able to identify the specific reg, are you manually giving the guidance command or loading the svf file?
  12. dianin

    Preventing Design Compiler optimization to stop at the first violation

    You can define the different group paths (command group_path) for those and give the higher values for crictical_range , higher the value of critical_range , the more optimization will be performed by tool. Most of the time it works but you have to check what is the best value for critical range...
  13. dianin

    Having trouble getting Design Compiler (DC) to use my integrated clock gating cell

    Yes DC inserts the cell automatically , but if you mention the specific CG cell you can restrict tool to do not insert higher-driving cells, but it is not mandatory. DC checks the enable condition (enable pin is the one which decide when to gate clock) , if it passes than it inserts the CG...
  14. dianin

    does anyone have the DFT workshop/lab guide for DC2008?

    Yes those are very old commands. Synopsys has changed DFT commands long time back when they introduced the new DC shell XG mode. But you can translate old dft script by using "db2xg" utility , which should be availabled in DC tool executable location.
  15. dianin

    set_max_delay for ports inside the design

    Those are not the primary port, give the full hierarchical path like [get_pins ks16_1/regAcc[0]] .

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