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Recent content by dhawal_kulkarni

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    Where to get decoder IC which gives direct O/P as audio file

    MP3 Player Help me with my own mp3 player, can anybody tell me where will I get a decoder IC or even a MC which can give direct O/P as audio file and will act as a mp3 player directly !!!
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    microcontroller with large flash memory

    Hey can anybody tell me a MC with Flash >= 128kB and in PDIP or PLCC package. Wright now using Atmel AVR (single cycle core) but cant get these packages in those !!!
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    Help me select AVR microcontroller which is available in PDIP or PLCC package

    I want a Micro Controller with min of 128kB Flash mem and around 8k's of internal RAM, I'm wright now using ATmega8535(AVR) and hence want the MC from same family but facing a problem that it should be available in PDIP or PLCC package

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