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Recent content by devas

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    Signal prdata cannot be synthesized, bad synchronous description.

    Hi, Remove the "end if" below the line "pr_data <= (others => '0'); as shown below: READ_REGISTER_PROCESS : process(clk) begin if (clk'event and clk = '1') then if reset = '1' then prdata <= (others => '0'); else case paddr(8 downto 2) is when...
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    problem with test*bench verilog at models*im

    Hi, When compiling your code with Modelsim I get 2 errors about signal sel. Remember Verilog is case sensitive! After changing this I do not get any compile error in the part you posted above. Devas
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    Looking for library declaration of IP Module

    Hi, The use-statement given does not point necessary to a package declaration. It points only to a library hwicap_v5_00_a which maybe has only entity/architecture declarations in it. A use statement pointing to a package declaration has the form: use <library>.<package>.<suffix> Your use...
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    Xilinx synthesis and PNR flow

    Hi Beowulf, Your schematic looks fine to me. I do not know the output file of promgen. I have never used it. I am not aware of a Xilinx document with such a schematic. Even it makes sense for every designer. Devas
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    Verilog Question about Always sensitivity list

    Hi, always(*) is Verilog-2001 syntax. It simplifies the sensitivity list. * means be sensitive changes on any values which are read in the following group. Devas
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    [SOLVED] verilog and vhdl in same project, problems

    Hi, When your simulator/synthesizer has mixed language support there is no need for XHDL. Devas
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    Xilinx synthesis and PNR flow

    Hi, A starting point: - Xilinx Synthesis: XST User Guide (UG627) - Command Line Syntax/Tools: Command Line Tools User Guide (UG628) Devas
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    [SOLVED] verilog and vhdl in same project, problems

    Hi, You can mix VHDL and Verilog if your simulator and synthesizer supports both languages (is sometimes an add-on feature). In your Verilog code instantiate your VHDL ip-core just like if it was a Verilog module. Devas
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    How to start implementing transmitter and receiver on fpga using VHDL or verilog

    Hi, Open a text editor and start typing: VHDL: "library ieee; ...." Verilog: "module transmitter(...."
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    Help regarding error in ise synthesis

    Hi, Line 52: contains a generate statement. A generate statement must have a static (fixed) condition. You use a signal "stepsize" in this condition. A signal is not a static. Change the signal in a constant (static) and this error will be fixed. The same applies for the other generate...
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    [SOLVED] xilinx core generator

    Hi, CoreGenerator is part of the Xilinx ISE software. You can download it from the Xilinx website. The webpack version is free and includes also CoreGenerator. Devas
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    problem in initialization

    Hi, I have done a quick simulation with your uart code and in my simulator n_reg will be '0' after reset. From your simulation picture I can not see how long the reset pulse is and how it behaves compared to the clock. Maybe you can post your testbench code also so I can use it with my...
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    Quartus Ver 4.2 & Nios 3.2 shell - Compiling error !!!!

    Re: Quartus Ver 4.2 & Nios 3.2 shell - Compiling error ! Hi, You use a very old Quartus version. I do not believe that version is supported on Windows Vista. Devas
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    help with reading a hex file in vhdl

    Hi Haneet, Something like: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_textio.all; library std; use std.textio.all; architecture xxxx of yyyy is file fin : text open read_mode is "<path to your hex file>"; process(zzzz) variable rdline : line variable hex : std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); begin while not...
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    help with reading a hex file in vhdl

    Hi, The package std_logic_textio has functions (HREAD) to read hex values from a file. Devas

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