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Recent content by denizduran

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    Plotting Group Delay in HFFS Circuit Design

    I am trying to plot the group delay of my simulation. I have attached my plotting options that appears in HFSS to this post. I cannot seem to find group delay in these options.
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    HFFS Schematic editor to layout

    I am trying to build various power dividers, couplers and array antennas in HFFS. Even though I construct the circuit properly and get good simulation results my layout comes out very messy.I have tried ctrl A + ctrl M + ctrl D but that does not make a difference. I have attached my circuit and...
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    Transferring CST file to CAM350

    I am trying to manufacture the antennas I designed in CST. I need to transfer them to CAM350. I do not know how to use this program. Can someone assist me?
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    CST component library

    I am working on designing a coupled line bandpass filter and I need a coupled line component just like the one attached to this post. However, I cannot seem to find this exact component in CST. Does anyone know the name of the component?
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    Why does my optimization run in HFFS?

    I am trying to construct a 4 element array antenna. My design goals; S11<-15dB and S21=S31=S41=S51<=-6dB has not been met. Hence I setup my parameters, defined my goals and tried to optimize my circuit. Even though it says "Optimization Analysis Done" I still get a blank page for my S-parameters...
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    Distance (mm) between two coupled lines

    Yes, eventually a 4 port directional coupler with two coupled lines in the center. I want to know how I can find the distance between the coupled lines so I can draw it on CST.
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    Distance (mm) between two coupled lines

    I am trying to design a coupled line coupler at 2GHz in CST and want to know what the distance between my two coupled lines are. The design frequency is 2GHz and the coupling coefficient is 35.36. How can I find the distance between the lines?
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    HFSS Circuit Design Component Library

    I am trying to design the circuit of a coupled line coupler in HFSS. I need a component which is a microstrip coupled line such as the component named "MCLIN" in ADS. Is there such a component in HFSS?
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    Plotting Power at Output ports in HFSS

    I am working in the circuit design part of HFSS. How can I plot it there?
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    Plotting Power at Output ports in HFSS

    I am trying to build a quadrature hybrid coupler with arbitrary power division which is a 4 port network. I need to see the power at the 2 output ports to realize my design. How can I plot power in HFSS just like we plot the S parameters?
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    Setting Up Optimization in HFSS Circuit Designer

    Thank you Sir I appreciate the help. I will apply the steps you have taken to my circuit and try to get the same results!
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    Setting Up Optimization in HFSS Circuit Designer

    I assigned a variable named "length" for HFSS to adjust the width or length of the transmission lines but I guess I did something incorrect. Your help will be much appreciated..
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    Setting Up Optimization in HFSS Circuit Designer

    Sir, when I try attaching the files the error given below shows up. Instead, I will attach the circuit and my results. As a next step, only if it is suitable for you, we can exchange emails for me to send you the file. To state the problem again, when I setup an optimization and go...

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