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    Stepper Motor using PLC S7200

    thanks for the reply... and btw, i am planning to use 4 SSR instead of a driver. that's posssible right?
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    Running Stepper motor to Siemens PLC

    Hi newbie here! I am planning to run a Vexta stepping motor, 2.25VDC using 4 Solid state relay with an input voltage of 1.2VDC and input current of 1.5A. I'll supply its input voltage using Siemens PLC (S7200, CPU 212) so that would be for 24VDC, so I am going to put 4.7kohm resistor in series...
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    Stepper Motor using PLC S7200

    Hi! How can I connect a 1.8/Step, DC 2.25V, 1.5A stepper motor to a Siemens S7200? I heard and I think it can't be directly connected, uhm can anyone help me how to solve this problem?:?::?: Thanks! And btw, how can I supply the motor, it's just 2.25V, can I get the supply from the PLC...

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