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Recent content by dean

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    Appolo to Astro tutorial

    astro synopsys tutorial where's the tutorial?
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    Ambit Buildgates synthesis user guide

    A tutorial on how to use Cadence Ambit Build Gates in synthesizing Circuits. This tutorial is from the University of the Philippines,Diliman Microelectronics and Microprocessors laboratory.
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    Cadence Silicon Ensemble Tutorial, Automatic Place and Route

    This is a tutorial on how to use Cadence Silicon ensemble. Please be aware of licensing issues in the files mentioned in the tutorial. I will only give the tutorial, you have to supply your own technology files.
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    Astro Optimized Layout from Synopsys

    Re: Astro Optimized Layout can you please describe the contents of this document? for the benefit of those who cannot download this file due to small points. Thanks

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