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Recent content by Darren_pan

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    I learn many experiences in here. Thanks.
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    Microstrip Antenna design

    I prefer HFSS~~ It's very esay to use
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    network analyzer non-50ohm measurement

    .s2p file in genesys I suggest you use the smith chart to tune,if you really knew the VSWR meaning of 50 ohm system,it's not big problem for you.
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    Looking for HFSS examples of dipole antenna

    HFSS Example Thanks for your sharing, I wanna post some examples as well,but my network has some problem.
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    need some example of PIFA design in hfss

    hfss pifa antenna I got one that could give your reference.
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    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    it's good,,,Krishna410,if you could find some,please post them ....
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    ADS LNA simulation tutorial notes

    lna simulator thanks for your sharing..
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    How the antenna is incorporated in a cell phone?

    cellphone antenna yep,this book is good,it deserves reading
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    About my project of patch antenna

    it's not hard project, you can use HFSS to simulate ,and manufuture one by yourself, Don't forget to master some basic knowledge about patch antenna
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    need hfss tutorial for waveguide

    well,thanks for your sharing..
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    2.4GHz antenna design question?

    I think the best way you do is to use network analyzer if you could find one,you can adjust the impedance in the term of your request. Related to the polarization ,you can consult some materials to design.
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    Help me to find out that which book intruduce J pole antenna

    J pole antenna, it sounds very interesting, who can share some materials with us.. thanks in advanced.
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    planar inverted F antenna(it is very urgent)

    It's ok, if your antennna has good efficiency,i think it can reach the request.
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    puzzle with cell phone antennas spcace

    well,i'll upload one material that can give you some help.

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