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    how to compare content of 2 files in matlab?

    I had fwrite 2 files, X.mat and Y.mat. I would like to do a code to check whether this 2 files are exactly the same content or not ( both files are same content inside, but using different codes to do it). I am actually wanted to check both of my codes whether can produce the same result or not...
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    How to read ASCII data?

    HI, I have wrote a write file to key in my data (binary and ASCII). Here is my matlab code:- fid = fopen('data.mat', 'wb'); value = 555 WriteBinary = typecast(uint16(value),'uint16'); b = fwrite(fid, WriteBinary, 'uint16'); value = 10 WriteBinary = typecast(uint8(value),'uint8'); b...
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    How to read the file?

    I have developed a fwrite file to save my data. But I dunno how to read it by using fread function. Can any advise? Here is my code:- fid = fopen('CEOS.mat', 'wb'); Value = 555; x = Value WriteBinary = typecast(uint16(x),'uint16'); b = fwrite(fid, WriteBinary, 'uint16')...
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    how to compile all parameters into one .mat file using matlab code???

    I am trying to write a matlab code to save all my parameters into one .mat file. My parametera, for example: a = 2 b = 1 c = 1.3 d = 99 Q1: I tried to use fwrite, but have no idea how to do continue. fid = fopen('parameter.mat', 'wb'); <----create .mat file to be written fwrite(fid, ...
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    How to convert from BINARY FORMAT to CEOS FORMAT????

    hello......? Can any body teach me???
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    How to convert from BINARY FORMAT to CEOS FORMAT????

    I am doing signal recording in binary format. I would like to store the binary data into CEOS format by using MATLAB way. Can anyone teach/guide me how to do it? or any example? THANK!
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    HELP: Matlab Parallel Processing??

    I am not sure it could parallel work or not too....I am stucking at the middle now....really need help. Let's scream together...HELP~~~~!!!!
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    HELP: Matlab Parallel Processing??

    Hi Medra, Thank for your advise. I read thru the parfor documents, but I do not understand how to operate, that's why I came here to ask if any help/example could show me. Can you give me further explaination? PLEASE!!!!!!! THANK A LOT!!
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    HELP: Matlab Parallel Processing??

    I am currently doing my real time signal processing by using Matlab. The time elapsed are huge, which is ~6sec. I wish to implement my system into parallel processing for those FOR LOOP in order to improve my time comsumtion. I tried the very simple option as below before my loops:- matlabpool...
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    How to calculate difference angle????

    I am doing a difference angle calculation for 4 points in matlab. For 2 points, my code will be 2_Vector_difference=conj(vector1).*vector2; angle=angle(2_Vector_difference); But if for 4 vectors, how to find the differences by using above method?
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    Rayleigh magnitude distribution - ground reflectivity model

    Could any one guide me to do the matlab code of the Rayleigh magnitude distribution, which is used it as ground reflectivity model.... thousand thank!
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    Looking for documents about SPI bus

    Re: SPI bus application I understand SPI how to function, but i dun really know about its application on AUDIO devices. Can anyone explain to me how SPI apply in our daily goods? and also, WHy there are diff type of clock polarity and phase? THX
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    Looking for documents about SPI bus

    Re: SPI bus thx for ur attachment, i already got it before. THX YA~
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    Looking for documents about SPI bus

    can anyone provide me SPI source? either presentation slides or PDF file.... i need it...thx
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    Where can I find a working ECG circuit that uses an A620 and LM741?

    Re: ECG circuit i have the circuit but not with me now(cos i am in office), are u still wan it? if yes then later i go home n post it here. pls do let me know

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