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Recent content by daniels_here

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    HFSS optimetrics and non optimetrics results

    Is it because you are not converging properly down below 0.02?
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    effect of SMA in HFSS simulation

    Hey, I am interested to know what effect will adding a sma plug into the simulation do. Will it make a hugh difference or not. we simulated a antenna with hfss but when we did the anachoic chamber test the results were off a little and the s11 was also off. I have the SMA up through the bottom...
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    S11 vs antenna gain in patch antenna

    acceptable s11 for antennas hey guys thanks alot you have cleared alot up for me. I am using a patch array of 8 strip lines, I have been trying to impedance match it using the ansoft designer SV program. But i am not having to much luck with that what i have done is got the impedance value...
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    HFSS tutorials for designing a patch antenna

    ansoft designer sv tutorials does any one have any more tutorials for designer?
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    Wireless Audio and video tranceivers

    this might work for you not sure what quality audio and video you want nRF24Z1 Transceiver for Audio Streaming - A complete 4Mbit/s digital 2.4GHz wireless audio streaming device www.nordicsemi.no
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    Latest RF tutorial uploaded

    turotorial rf hi, can any one help with antenna impedance matching with ansoft designer? thanks alot
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    Microstrip on Microwave Office

    wouldnt you be better of getting ansoft designer you can download the student version online and there is lots of tutorials on this webpage for that just look Added after 3 minutes: here is a link lots of information on there about designer
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    Fractal Antenna Design in HFSS??

    fractals antenna design i would like to get some information on fractal antennas what do you have in the way of tutorials and papers?
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    S11 vs antenna gain in patch antenna

    i have designed a patch antenna with a gain of 16db but only a maximum of -8db s11 for the frequencies i want. will this antenna be able to still transmit or do i have to get the s11 lower? i have heard that max should be -10db for the s11. i only want it to go max 100m
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    directional quasi yagi

    How would you go about making a quasi yagi directional is it simply a matter of increasing the number of directors at the distance relative to a normal yagi? if i use this https://www.dur.ac.uk/comms.systems/pdfs/unipolar%20wideband%20quasi%20yagi.pdf and than add more directors at a 1/2...
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    Three basic questions about antennas

    Re: Antenna questions is there any book that have the radiation patterns and antenna structures for different types of patch antennas?
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    E-book for phased array antennas

    pdf of design handbook of phased array antennas thanks alot cool post:D
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    The best RF design book?

    does any one know where to get antennas for all applications
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    HFSS Tutorial for transmission line vias

    dipole antenna simulation hfss thanks alot these files helped out alot
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    Help me with directional antenna design

    I am trying to create a directional antenna by using a simple patch antenna and a parabolic dish. i understand about having to guess the possition between the focal point and the dish but i was wondering what is the best for reflection what type of material. currently i can only get it down to...

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