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Recent content by Daneshgar

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    what is new in hspice 2005?

    Most important is Verilog-a compiler
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    Analog circuit design tool

    1.Cadence 2.Hspice 3.ADS(EEsof) 5.Ansoft corporation Software
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    Looking for info about Verilog-A language

    Re: Verilog-A question ? Yse. You are right. Hspice has only Verilog-a compiler to model analog circuits. for mixed language modeling muse be used other software such as SMASH
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    How do we synthesize analog HDL?

    analog HDL For analog circuits description best choice is Hspice and Verilog-a For Mixed system description use VDHL-AMS language.
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    Looking for info about Verilog-A language

    Verilog-A question ? Very useful site is: https://www.designers-guide.org/VerilogAMS/ Best reference is: Verilog-AMS Language Reference Manual Version 2.2 November 2004 (Accellera)
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    verilog, verilog-A and verilog-AMS

    Verilog(Verilog-D): one of two major HDL for Digital Verilog-a : Language for Analog behavior modeling Verilog-AMS : Language for Analog Mixed Signal System
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    Hspice 2007 03 & Verilog-a

    hspice 2007 Is there one wrok with Hspice 2007 03? I have a little problem with license.who cam help me? where and how Verilog-a compiler can help us?in other word is it realy useful Verilog-a beside the SPICE? Is there one have Industrial experience with Verilog-a?
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    lots of spice simulators available

    Which Spice? HSPICE is the industry’s “gold standard” for accurate circuit simulation and offers foundry certified MOS device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With over 20+ years of successful design taped outs, HSPICE is the industry’s most trusted and...
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    Converting Matlab files to VHDL files

    matlab to vhdl Never!!! Domain of VHDL is in Digital Electronic but MATLAB m files heve very large usage almost in any field of science.So It is impossible to convert form m file to VHDL. But Simulink have facilities to generate VHDL code for some application.In addition you can use Link for...
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    Looking for tutorials or references about VHDL AMS

    VHDL AMS www.vhdl-ams.info
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    Mentor ADVance MS simulator

    How can get DVance MS evaluation. I am form Iran. and mentor garphic dos not gine me link for download. pleas me link for download ?
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    tools and languages for AMS design

    VHDL-AMS is a standardized language which supports the modeling and simulation of digital, analog and mixed analog/digital (mixed-signal) systems. The language is powerful and flexible. Beyond simulations in the electrical domain, VHDL-AMS can equally well be used to model mechanical, thermal...
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    Information about VHDL-AMS language

    What is VHDL-AMS ???? The VHDL-AMS language is an extension of the IEEE 1076 (VHDL) standard that supports the description and the simulation of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits and systems. www.vhdl-ams.info
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    What's the difference between VHDL 87, 93 and Verilog?

    Re: VHDL, Verilog VHDL is the VHSIC Hardware Description Language. VHSIC is an abbreviation for Very High Speed Integrated Circuit. It can describe the behaviour and structure of electronic systems, but is particularly suited as a language to describe the structure and behaviour of digital...

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