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    problem about PCBNavigator

    pcb navigator hello i met a problem with pcbnavigator. i have a orcad schematic and i need to place route in pads2005. so i use pcbnavigator to sync each other. but some thing happend 1.everytime i open the opj file in pcbnavigator, and select the design ,then there is always a RETRY(重试 in...
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    PcbNavigator problem ,help

    hello,everyone i get a orcad schematic and i have to place route in pads2005. i use PCBNavigator to synchronize each other. it's all right when i creat a new project in orcad and place route in pads2005 . but when i synchronize the project i get from my boss,there is an error, here is the error...
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    How to go from Orcad schematics to Blazerouter and/or PCB?

    orcad, power_pcb, wg2002 this is what i encounter now, thank you all Added after 6 minutes: binu G: could you be kind enough to give some description about how to use the macro above. thanks a lot

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