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Recent content by cza0011

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    DFT FastScan Fault Simulation Mode query

    Hi everyone, I ran FASTSCAN ATPG mode for a benchmark circuit and got 4 test patterns that will give 100% fault coverage for 50 stuck at faults. Then I wanted to find out what are the faults each pattern will detect. So I ran FAULT (fault simulation) mode with just the first pattern as source...
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    Mentor Graphics FastScan Basic Question!

    Hi, I am using FastScan to generate test patterns for a Combinational benchmark circuit. I got the compacted test patterns set and the faults list. But I want to know the fault list each pattern detects. For example, I have only 4 test patterns in the compacted test pattern set. I have 50...
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    Leonardo Spectrum Synthesis using Universal Gates

    Hi, I want Leonardo Spectrum to synthesize any given VHDL circuit using only NAND gates. How can I get Leonardo Spectrum to do it? If it isn't possible with Leonardo Spectrum, is there any other tool that can do it? Thanks in advance.

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