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Recent content by cydi

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    find FFT of a set of data (Time, Amplitude) in MATLAB

    First check: Is there a peak in whatever you are plotting. The x-axis of fft output is bins. To convert into frequency, you need to know the sampling frequency. Second, since its a 5MHz signal, have you downsampled it? All of these affect the final output. 5MHz signal requires at least 10Msps...
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    introduction to WIMAX

    check out port-70.blogspot.com. Lots of articles on WiMax
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    Propagation Prediction Models for Wireless Communication Sys

    COST-31 standard... check it out....
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    Number of samples required for FFT

    It depends on the resolution u want for your signals. If you just want to know what all frequencies are there, then even a 128 point FFT will do.. Go for longer N only if you wish to resolve frequencies at the output.
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    similarity of Wavelet and fourier transform

    similarity is only that the same concept of basis functions is used in both..
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    Help require from INTERVIEW point

    You will have to go through the standards to know all these. These are not one-word answers...
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    Recommend VHDL and Verilog Handbook

    vhdl book by kevin skahill is good...
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    How to import filters designed in Matlab into Visual DSP?

    help required thats easy... Just save the filter coefficients in reverse order and with --ascii option. VDSP will read it and can use AD library..
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    IIR Filter in fdatool

    you can use the filter function also after converting the coefficients
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    Basic doubt...kindly clarify...

    generaklly its less than Kohms only
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    Suggest any good books for Wavelets

    Ten Lectures on Wavelets , By Ingrid Daubechies is a very good book.. Still searching for the download links...
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    Best audio format for mobile phone?

    MP4 is also a useful version... But MP3 also is good only, provided you utilise the full capability of the variable bit rates offerd by the codec..
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    Need simple DSP application for a beginner

    dsp application Do you want an application to run? Pls b specific on your requireement...
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    Explain x(2n) and 2x(n) signals in dsp

    signal in dsp is your question with refernce to matlab?
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    What is a fully differential CMOS logic?

    cmos logic Its basically complementary data lines only..

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