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Recent content by cyber1

  1. cyber1

    help superpro l+ universal programmer

    superpro l+ hi need superpro l+ universal programmer schematic and hex code
  2. cyber1

    Best Programmer ? ? ?

    hi zawminoo best universal programmer labtool48 xp
  3. cyber1

    Looking for a DC- DC regulators 5V-4.2V and 2.5 Amps

    Re: DC- Dc regulators sorry wrong upload
  4. cyber1

    I have small problem in my LG700S monitor, any help?

    service manual or the schematic for lg700s hi ahmad_abdulghany check heater voltage normal voltage is 6.3volt dc
  5. cyber1

    How can I send data for long distance without using wire?

    Re: wireless hi scorpionss22 try this ic
  6. cyber1

    How I can modify my power supply (5V, 8V) to adjust to 0-12 V?

    0-12v voltage regulator circuit hi Hobby-MCS used lm317
  7. cyber1

    Hard-drive PCB power connector needed

    hi rfmvs try this link **broken link removed**
  8. cyber1

    datasheet or replacement for fzj131 and MCP1603-472G

  9. cyber1

    Materials to learn LPT port programming

    lpt port https://members.tripod.com/data_acq/download.htm
  10. cyber1

    need a simple pci project

    hi gokkul Another more important web http://www.daqchina.net/daqchina/board/boarden.htm
  11. cyber1

    Fluorescent ballast schematic

    ballast schematic http://pavouk.comp.cz/hw/lamp/en_index.html
  12. cyber1

    Where can I find good resources for transformer design?

    Re: transformer design http://www.powerint.com/designsoftware.htm http://www.smps.us/magnetics.html
  13. cyber1

    stepper motor driver IC

    stepper motor driver 12v ic hi wakaka this simple and easy circuit home.cogeco.ca/~rpaisley4/Stepper.html

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