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    Question about set_toggle_region when I work with saif

    I have solved it,not dpfli.so,it is libvpower.so, the difference between them,I am not very sure!
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    Question about set_toggle_region when I work with saif

    I have created the forward annotation file in dc_shell (/rtl2saif forward.saif/) and import it into modelsim by dpfli.so library using the command "vsim -foreign "dpfli_init /lsc/synopsys/syn-2005.09/auxx/syn/power/dpfli/lib-linux/dpfli.so" -c -quiet tbgen" with no problems Modelsim reads...
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    ask for help about itf-->tlu+?

    hello, when converting itf to tluplus, input:grdgenxo -itf2TLUPlus -i xxx.itf -o xxx.tluplus but always fails : ERROR774:ITF *** ERROR:statement_name_expected at line 2 instead of how will i done with it?
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    Problem with configuring divided clock that uses flip-flop in CTS

    Re: CTS Problem !!! Help Did you have solve it? How have you solve it?I have the same problem,too! with regards!
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    about implicit ignore pin!ask for help!

    explicit sync pin hello,everyone! before CTS,I want to convert some implicit ignore pins to explicit sync pin,because some clocks stopping at these ignore pins . by using ataDefineSyncPin (geGetEditCell) "clk_gen/u1" '(("A1" "rr" 0 0 0)) but always failed.how will I solve...
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    ITF To TLU+ error: no conductor layers are found in ITF_MIN

    HI, I am a new hand of back_end in digital IC,work with astro(Synopsys). Foundry has supply .map file and .nxtgrd.but I need TLU+.and I have tried to extract itf file from nxtgrd file by deleting the "$" from "TECHNOLOGY" to "end of itf file" in .nxtgrd file.But every time I proceed the...

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