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Recent content by ctzof

  1. ctzof

    RTL auto code generation

    Thanks for the answers. Can anybody recommend a good reference for Python, for text parsing and auto code generation to start with?
  2. ctzof

    RTL auto code generation

    Hello, I was thinking about an RTL auto code generation based on parsing existing code. Suppose for example that I have a list of modules and each of them has some test ports. I want to be able to parse all this modules collect all this test signals and crate a new module (at least top level in...
  3. ctzof

    [SOLVED] I Q signals lower sampling rate

    Still don't get it. Supposed our signal has a BW of B as in Fig18 what is the sampling rate of each ADC and waht is the benifit over not-complex down convertion?
  4. ctzof

    [SOLVED] I Q signals lower sampling rate

    I don't think this is what he means. After all you can still sample in lower sampling rate than the Nyquist rate if you use undersampling techniques https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undersampling. It has to do with spliting the signal to two ADCs and in that way the sampling rate is not 2B anymore...
  5. ctzof

    [SOLVED] I Q signals lower sampling rate

    According to this article https://www.dsprelated.com/showarticle/192.php by using IQ signals we have at the end the benifit that Each A/D converter operates at half the sampling rate of standard real-signal sampling. Can somebody explain why? I mean the signal has still the same BW.
  6. ctzof

    OPA541 as voltage follower (Buffer)

    Problem solved. probably wrong or bad connection. The opamp can pass sine wave with up to 400khz without any distortion or amplitude mismatch. Thanks anyway for your feedback
  7. ctzof

    OPA541 as voltage follower (Buffer)

    I want to use OPA541 as a buffer simply to provide more current on the output. On simulation level everything works fine, any way the circuit is simple enough. Recently I bought an OPA541 and try to build everything but the circuit simply doesn't work as expected. Attached you can find the...
  8. ctzof

    Digital tv signal processing

    Basically you need a kind of SDR receiver to mix down your input frequency and then use an ADC to sample your input and send it to your pc. Take a look here first: https://luaradio.io/new-to-sdr.html
  9. ctzof

    Confused with interrupts for internal comparator of dspic33ev.

    You have to initialize your comparator to work according to your application. This step is missing. For example CMxCON register should be first configured. Especially EVPOL if you want to use interrupts. Other than that your ISR looks ok.
  10. ctzof

    Complex structure desgin in Altium

    Hello, I want to design kind of complex structure for my Layout in Altium, but I am kind of limited with the tools that it provides. The structures have to follow specific geometric shapes or be formed by an equation like sinus or cosinus and be as precise as possible. From my knowledge is...
  11. ctzof

    I need a circuit to detect and filter 10 KHZ sound

    Here is a 3rd order butterworth filter for your application. You can modify the parameters using the following online tool. You should put the correct value for the impedance from your microphone, at the moment for my calculation was 50 ohm. If you need also amplification of your signal then...
  12. ctzof

    Lumped model of microstripline...

    Use this calculator to calculate the parameters from your line. https://www.technick.net/public/code/cp_dpage.php?aiocp_dp=util_pcb_imp_microstrip At the end translate the values to a simple LC lumped model.
  13. ctzof

    USB ESD Suppressor Recommendation

    This is an excellent device, I used it in the past for USB. https://www.mouser.de/ProductDetail/Bourns/CGF0804TFH-900-2L/?qs=TONGUkZF0%2FFqFweZM3pAtg%3D%3D It offers ESD protection and EMI at the same time. Footprint is also very small.
  14. ctzof

    Complementary bidirectional switches

    Can you suggest any circuit. As I said the application is cost driven. My design cost less than 0.3 Euros at the moment but I want if possible to go lower than that.
  15. ctzof

    Complementary bidirectional switches

    That is true the final swing is from 0-3.3 V but this is not a problem cause the signal is still in margin to be recognised as high or low. On the other hand a switch is maybe a little bit cheaper. Regarding the question about power supply I don't have any access on it. There is no LDR OR DC/DC...

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