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Recent content by crouch

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    question about access time of sram

    Thank you very much nitu.You've given enough infomation to me. I never heart about the kinds of memcell you mentioned. Maybe I can find those materials in some books? Is there any recommandations? Thank you again.
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    question about access time of sram

    I want to figure out how the port number of an sram give influence to the access time.for the following three kings of sram in asic 1)single port, write and read at different time 2)dual port, just two ports which each is like 1) 3)dual port, one for write and one for read using the same...
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    about cellbased digital backend

    yes, it works! and I think for a digital circuit, lpe is a too huge work to do, so just do post_layout simulation with sdf(generated by primetime with astro's sdc output). Am I right?
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    about cellbased digital backend

    thank you i'll try it out later and tell you whether it works
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    about cellbased digital backend

    hi fago i can get the gate level netlist, but netlist translated from the layout is a circuit level one. the lvs checking fails, how to get the circuit level netlist from astro or get level netlist from layout? thank you
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    about cellbased digital backend

    After synthesising an rtl verilog to gate level, I use Astro to generate a layout gds file. The gds file passes the DRC checking, but I cannot get a circuit level netlist or schematic to run LVS/LPE checking. Questions are: 1.Is there needs to run LVS/LPE checking for cellbased design? 2.If...
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    File format for (.lib) (.db) (.gds) (.clf) (.tdf) (.sdc)

    tdf pad hi seu_noop please tell us more about writing .tdf file i have an example as this: *************************************************************** define _cell (geGetEditCell) dbCreateCellBoundary _cell '( (0.0000 0.0000) (114.1800 0.0000) (114.1800 108.0800) (0.0000 108.0800)...
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    OTA and CMFB design...

    hi ahmad_abdulghany I have two questions, one about the CMFB, and one about bias network How can I know whether my CMFB works? It's strange that my main amp (one stage telescopic) is not sensitive to the CM output point. Maybe my amp's open-loop gain is not very large. I change the W/L of the...
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    what's the difference between VCS and VCSi ?

    vcs vcsi thanks and a similiar question about differnece between VCS-MX and VCS-MXi
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    synthesis with limited set of DC's .db lib

    I wan't to avoid using some cells in a .db lib is it possible? or how to create a customed .db lib ? thanks
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    want to make own nios development board for learning

    hi! jdhar I can access the main page but /hw/... is not accessable so could you please check the links? thank you and your design
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    How to modify the install.now during setup synopsys tools?

    hi AlexWan I've enconter this problem serveral months ago, when i was trying install DC2003.3 just a "if ..." line near the beginning if you can't manage it yourself wait for a moment, let me have a check hi at line 51 "if ( "$status" == 0 ) then" turn "0" to "1" have a try may this help you
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    Help: how to return to the x-server (graphical interface)?

    and if your desktop envirement is gnome #gnome-session or you can just run X server by #X to check if you X is ok bless
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    peripheral registers in hdl, wonder a good style

    I'm designing a serial port controllor, so I'll maintain some peripheral registers. I wonder how to express peripheral registers in hdl. Mainly the controllor is divided into three module: cpu interface, the receiver and the transmitter registers can be sorted into three types by how they are...

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