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    ckt with voice playback: Dspic30F4011 detailed information

    Dspic30F4011 Hi I think DsPIC30F4011 will be used for motors control not for voice playback. It was many others dspic with voice capabilities. CD:D
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Hi Search icd2.ini on "documents and settings" CD:D
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    hi, you can force power mode in icd2.ini file. I've the same problem, I've modify this file, and it works. If you change target, with another OS, you must redo this manipulation. The original icd2 must have external power with dspic. CD:D
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    Battery Charger with microcontroller

    ltc4412 battery charger Hi You can find some dedicaced circuits on maxim website. Max712 or 713, are useful to design simple and low cost battery charger. CD:D
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    Re: DC 12V MOTOR CONTROL . FWD , REV , SPEED CTRL , 4WD , BR Hi, For little power you can use integrated Hbridge (L292; L298; LMD18200). This circuits contain current measure and braking command. CD:D
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    Re: DC 12V MOTOR CONTROL . FWD , REV , SPEED CTRL , 4WD , BR Hi, Very strange braking solution !!! It's looks like battery's short-circuit. Be careful with this solution your accumulators can explose. CD:D
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    How to import a picture in PCB environment as a conductor layer?

    pcb-picture Hi Search for bmptopcb freeware. This soft convert black and white picture in bitmap format to protel pcb format. CD:D look at this link : **broken link removed**
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    simple question about timer0 PIC18F

    timer0 pic18f Hi, Your subroutine is not an interrupt subroutine !!! Put your "if" test in an interrupt subroutine (look at comiler documentation for correct syntax).Don't forget TMR0 interrupt flag must cleared at the end of the interrupt routine. Wich compiler did you use ? CD:D
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    PICKIT2 - 43 x 60 MM PCB

    tomeko.net Hi, Thanks shiveni for the PCB, but can you post your schematic in PDF format and silkscreen ? Many thanks CD:D
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    PICKIT2 - 43 x 60 MM PCB

    pickit2 Hi, Good job. Can you post yours schematic and your PCB in PDF format ? Thanks CD:D
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    ICD-S40 vs ICD-U40 vs IDC2. Comments ?

    icd-s40 icd-u40 Hi, CCS comparaison is very funny !!! I've an ICD2 and it works larger than one step per second. I don't know exactly the time between two steps, but it looks like 0,2 second. I'm sure ICD2 on USB is the fastest way to debug without ICE. Probably CCS use the serial...
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    LM7805 Output Voltage Too High

    lm7805 iout Hi, Sure you've invert input and output. Be careful, 78L05 and 7805 have the ouput and the input invert. front view -------- | o | |------| | | |------| | | | | | | IN GND OUT
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    What type of ICD-2 should I use with PIC18f5480?

    Re: ICD-2 Hi, the advantage of ICD2 with 18F4550 is the speed to program and the speed to debug. To compare the debug step time between RS232 and USB, you'll found >4 steps per second for USB and <1step per second for RS232. If you bought it from microchip, it'll cost about 150$. If you want...
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    This is a working RS232.... ICD2 !!!!

    Hi, My RS232 ICD2 works well with MPLAB 7.5 and highter !!!! If you want an ICD2 on USB port take look at the topic on edaboard: You'll find everything to build a full speed USB ICD2 clone. CD:D
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    driver for an usb port ICD2

    crazyt things to connect to a usb port Hi, Real microchip ICD2 or clone, it isn't any problem !!! The ICD2's module works only with MPLAB. When you make MPLAB installation, be sure you've selected ICD2 tools on the setup option CD:D

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