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    how to calculate the drain cap in cadence

    I suppose you should use Cdd, which is the sum of Cdb+Cds+Cdg.
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    about sinc function...

    A perfect "brick-wall" filter in the frequency domain has a time domain transform of a sinc function, hence the name "sinc filter". This kind of filter is physically impossible to implement, but is often used in theoretical concepts. There is another kind of filter called "raised cosine...
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    about CPW Pcell in Cadence.Thanks

    As for most transmission line elements, the third terminal usually goes to ground. I've also seen people do floating shield for passives, but I doubt the cadence pcell will capture that effect.
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    problem on the matching networks

    For the input match of an LNA, there's a well known trade off between noise figure and s11 (gain). You can't simultaneously optimize for both. You can take a look at "The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits" by Thomas Lee. This concept is explained pretty well in its LNA chapter.
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    spiral inductor simulation with HFSS

    I am doing on-chip spiral inductor characterization with HFSS. I found that if metal 1 ground shield is added into the simulation, both Q and the achieved inductance get worse, which doesn't seem reasonable to me. Does anyone know if I'm missing anything, or if there is any special setting...
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    how to start studying microwave

    RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications by Ludwig is also a pretty good reference.

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