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    Proteus 7.7 & 7.8 problem

    Proteus 7.7 and 7.8 both will run on Windows XP only not in Windows 7
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    Interfacing Weather Station with microcontroller

    Weather Station I want to interface Fog Sensor Anemometer (wind speed and direction measurement) Pollution Level Sensor Rain Detector with mcrocontroller (any) Any body have an idea which equipment is best to interface with the microcontroller. Do not need home made or hobby circuit...
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    Forums for OPNET simulator

    Re: OPNET SIMULATOR! orkut is a community , by using which you can make friend. but in community , you can also find a work group community, like matlab, networking, ieee community etc. If you dont like this community then dont join it. bye
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    Forums for OPNET simulator

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    Forums for OPNET simulator

    Re: OPNET SIMULATOR! www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=6941766 is the community where you find lot of stuff
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    Need EPON Model (in opnet or any form)

    I am a MS student in South Korea I need help related to EPON model If any body have model of EPON plz upload that material , If it is related to OPNET-model then it will be the best.
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    Remove audio noise from video ?

    Is there any software which can remove Audio noise from the video file ? If any body knows plz tell me the link or give me some idea
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    Recommend me a book to learn Verilog

    Help me I am new to FPGA I want to learn Verilog what book you recomend
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    Help required on 8bit to 10bit conversion

    Here is my detail requirement of my project PIC will require I²C to read a CMPS03 compass module My Preference is for 10 pins providing 10 bit parallel output representing integer data received from the compass module. The 10 pin connections will directly connect to a VIOM module. I have...
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    Help required on 8bit to 10bit conversion

    I am using PIC 16F877 now i want to transfer my data which is present in SSPBUF to the prot in Parallel way of 10bit in such a way that 8bit is full consumed from port 2 and take 2bit (two pins) from port three how is it possible Am i using MAsking or other technique ? plz help me if masking How ?
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    how to transfer 10bit data

    I want to transfer data in 10bit parallel to other device how can i implement it ? Data must be transferred using "port 2" and two bits from port 3 how is it possible ? I am using pic 16f877 plz help me
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    waht is the latest research on Communication

    latest research in communication systems What is the latest research topic in the field of communicaition ? Plz refer the site or If any body has IEEE latest research paper related to communication then plz upload the ppr or give the site
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    Which companies hire Electrical Engineers in Pakistan?

    asic jobs in pakistan plz tell me the companies offering jobs for Electrical Engineer specially for "Designer"
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    Where to find free evaluation board of PIC ?

    Re: free evaluation board I know this site of xilinex but i want other specially about PIC Secondly Any site which sent sample of PIC16F877 also refer it thanx

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