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    What is meant by 130 nm, 90nm, 65nm in ASIC technology?

    Hi, What is meant by 130 nm, 90nm, 65nm etc. How do they arrive at this value? Thanks!
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    IC cost of CPLD FPGA ASIC etc ..

    ic cost Hi, What would be the cost per IC in terms of dollars for the following: 1. CPLD 2. FGPA 3. ASIC 4. Full custom Thanks!
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    Resources about FPGA validation

    Hello Can anybody suggest a good website/paper/book to understand fpga validation over different types of interfaces like rs-232, usb, pci, pci-x, etc.? Would appreciate any inputs on this Regards Chuck
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    Suggest me some references to learn synthesis concepts

    synthesis abcs Glance through this book for a start: Verilog HDL Synthesis, A Practical Primer (Paperback) by J. Bhasker (Author) Download Xilinx ISE and play around with the tool You can request for synposys synthesis docs as well.
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    What is the difference between floating point and block floating point?

    Please give me pointers to some materials for block floating point? What is the difference between floating point and block floating point?
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    Radix 3 and Radix 5 architecture

    Does anybody have any literature that describes Radix 3 and Radix 5 DFT/IDFT architecture?
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    Question about using DTMF and Sidetone

    Has anybody worked on DTMF and Sidetone? I'm looking at an RTL solution. Can DTMF be fully taken care of by using LUTs for sine or is there any run time computation?
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    Documents about wireless security

    Re: wireless security What are the standalone crypto modules required for WiMax
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    how about security in WIMAX !!!!

    Let me know what kind of information you need

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