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Recent content by christianlillebrekke

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    How can I extract samples of a sinusoidal wave in ELDO?

    ELDO Hi, How can I extract samples of a sinusoidal wave at regular time points in ELDO? Ex. a sample of a wave at t=1,2,3,4,5.... I tried .extract label=curve yval(<wave>,1n) And got one point, but how can I extract the other samples in the same simulation Christian
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    How the effect of NBTI degrades Vt in a pmos transistor?

    NBTI on pmos Hi, Can anyone tell me how the effect of NBTI degrades Vt in a pmos transistor? Is this effect greatest the first few days/minutes, or will it degrade the transistor even more over the years? I have tried to simulate this in ELDO, but I don't know if the simulation is...
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    Measuring the linearity of a switch

    I have simulated the on-resistance, but isn`t non-linearity caused by both on-resistance and junction capacitances? The dominating of them is determined by the output impedance of the source. I would like to get a plot of the harmonic distortion (2nd and 3rd harmonic) versus the output impedance...
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    Measuring the linearity of a switch

    Hi, Has anyone got any tips on how to measure the linearity of a switch, without using a complete switchcap circuit. I need to compare the linearity of two bootstrapped switches. :) Christian
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    ELDO reliability simulation

    Hi, The aging parameters came along with the designkit we are using. The designkit is 90nm from CMP, but the only library I found containing aging parameters were something called NBTI.lib. I suspect that the .age function doesnt get all the right parameters from this design kit. Christian
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    ELDO reliability simulation

    Hi, Has anyone done simulations using the .age command in ELDO, to estimate the effect of NBTI on pmos transistors? I am trying to make this work, but the problem is that I get the same results wheter I simulate with an age of 1 year, 30 years, 100 years and so on... Does anybody know what...

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