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Recent content by chris.mourad

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    POwer clamp circuit in chip design

    Hi The RC clamp is usually connected to a big ESD transistor (the so called power clamp). Whenever you get an ESD event, says between a supply and a ground, a lot of current will be forced into that supply, trying to find its way to the ground. This huge current will trigger the ESD...
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    PMOS Diode connected

    Hi The formula for combining two resistors in Parallel R1 and R2 is: Req = 1/(1/R1 + 1/R2) Indeed the output impedance of a diode-connected PMOS Rout is its output resistance in parallel with the inverse of its transconductance. So your result is correct: consider ro as R1 in my formula, and...
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    Linear interpolation

    Hi Dario I am not sure that Cadence/spectre can do the linear interpolation. What you should do is a interpolation of your points in matlab, and then feed this to Vdc in cadence. hope it helps
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    Hold&Sample with switch capacitors

    Hi To get a <1% error on a DC voltage (e.g. 1V), this means that your open-loop gain should be at least 100 (meaning 40dB). This would lead to a tolerated error or offset of 10mV maximum. --> This could be done with 1 stage amplifier Now if I understand correctly, your system is switching at...
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    how to extract Cgs, Cgd by using ADE??

    Hi In your own computation, did you divide by 2*PI? This is a mistake regularly done. What is the Vin you apply at the gate of the NMOS? and the drain current?
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    How to simulate input and output impedance of OTA

    Hi For input impedance, why don't you apply a common mode voltage on the inputs of your OTA, and check the current that is drawn on this voltage source: this will give you the DC component of the input impedance, which should be in the tens of MegOhms for classical OTA. Are you looking for AC...
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    How to Filter this Image in MATLAB?

    on boundary of squares: yes, because you have special conditions there, you know that adjacent pixels will be half black & half white! hope it helps
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    How to set a node to a particular voltage ?

    Hi This might not work depending on the strength of your left black box circuit. Can you give a little bit more details on this?? Moreover, in your design, once Vsignal is set to -Vsat, how do you reset your comparator?
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    How to Filter this Image in MATLAB?

    You could do this by checking each pixel and comparing it to the adjacent pixels. This will help you decide if the black pixel is in the black square or not, same for white pixels.
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    how to dimm led light

    Hi Why do you talk about AC voltage? I am not sure LEDs should be driven by an alternating current. They just need DC current.
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    The perils of long, thin traces?

    Hi Long and thin PCB traces are usually to avoid, because they tend to increase drastically track resistance. Long wires on a PCB can also be considered as antennas, and will easily catch a lot of interferences/rubbish. Moreover, long wires will have a bigger parasitic inductance, creating...
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    Monte Carlo simulation Error

    Hi did you try to close Cadence and reopen it? nothing changes? I personally did encounter a lot of errors with adexl, but never this one in particular
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    Monte Carlo simulation Error

    Hi To me it doesnt look that you are doing a monte carlo simulation: you can see this in the toolbar "Single Run, Sweeps and Corners". This should be Monte Carlo Analysis Then on the error you are getting, it seems you are having a network/server error. Are you running the job locally?
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    Junction temperature and heatsink

    hi Are you sure you want to have a temperature coefficient of 20 Kelvin per watt, if you have a 500W load?
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    Define the number of instances as a parameter in Cadence Schematic

    Hi When puting a parameter for the m-factor in cadence virtuoso, this parameter is passed to the ADE window (Analog Artist). To retrieve it, go to the ADE window, Variables Tab, Copy From Cellview

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