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    FPGA jobs available in Penang, Malaysia

    fpga jobs Taihen ichiban desuyo ne. Imesu kikikudasai.
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    FPGA programmer wanted @UPM-MTDC, Selangor, Malaysia

    mtdc malaysia Will send you private msg.
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    FPGA programmer wanted @UPM-MTDC, Selangor, Malaysia

    quantumbeez **Private Msg.
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    How to study in Malaysia if you are from Iraq?

    Re: kurdstan north iraq Sorry. I guess IRAQ is banned by Malaysia Government. No international relationship. It's hard for you to get scholarship. Try to go to study in SIngapore. I guess SIngapore has a good reputation in education.
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    Job advertisements in Malaysia

    Jobs.... >> Jobs advertisement. www.jobstreet.com.my
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    HDL turbo writer installer-The best HDL text editor?

    hdl turbo writer I'm looking for HDL turbo writer. In fact, i did contact SAROS Inc to get the installer. Unfortunately, they no longer product this software for many years ago. Do anyone here can share me the installer/evaluation installer? What do you guys think about the best HDL text...
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    HDL turbo writer download

    hdl turbo writer Anyone can share HDL turbo writer with me? What is the advantage? Izzit freeware? How to get it?
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    How to remove comment in HDL turbo writer?

    Do we need to buy the HDL turbo writer? Is it a freeware?
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    What's the best VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog editor?

    system verilog emacs mode Yeah.. EMACS is no.1 :) No matter how... Once u get used to it, you can write coding rapidly. I vote it no.1 in EDA editor.
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    Synplify vs Xilinx ISE

    xilinx ise supports system verilog I guess Synplify did well in V5 device
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    Xilinx simulator errors: port size does not match connection size

    trn_tbuf_av[2] Contact modelsim/XIlinx. I guess related to PCIE core simulation library.
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    How to start DSP FPGA design? What tool can be used?

    Re: DSP FPGA Design Download ebook from EDA board.
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    Xilinx Development kit wanted...

    *Private Msg...
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    Is there available job for VHDL programmer( design engineer)

    cv vhdl programmer We have FPGA design engineer with verilog coding in Malaysia. Please contact me.
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    European-based Professional Electronic Design Service

    If you need low-cost FPGA design service, please contact me. I'm a FPGA design engineer from Malaysia. My design service charge/month is USD800 (part-time - 5 hours/day). Thanks.

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