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Recent content by chinmay512

  1. C

    How to Cross-build the cross-compiler ?

    Hi All, I want build the compiler from the cross-compiler. Can you please suggest me some documents or something related to that . Thanks, Chinmay
  2. C

    gcc compiler for sparc64

    hi dpaul, I apologize for not explaining the whole case before. I am running that OS on Processor that i synthesized on FPGA and there is Ethernet option on that FPGA so no Internet connectivity.
  3. C

    gcc compiler for sparc64

    Hi all, Here is the case, i am running a minimal version of linux on sparc64 based processor, it doesn't have c compiler and i can't access internet. I can access internet on a different machine. How can i download the whole package of gcc separately ?
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    Error in installing PyHp preprocessor in ubuntu

    after extracting tarball i gave "./configure" command and i got following error at the end:- while configuring i am getting following error:- checking for LIBAPR... configure: error: Package requirements (apr-1 >= 1.2) were not met: No package 'apr-1' found Help me out.

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