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Recent content by chensx2012

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    Difference between blluetooth data rate and UART baud rate

    I am working on high-speed data transfer by bluetooth. As far as I know, the maximal data rate of bluetooth v2.1 EDR is 3 mbps. But the maximal UART baud rate is only 1382400 for the corresponding serial bluetooth module (such as HC-05). I wonder whether it is possible for the baud rate to reach...
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    Using FT2232H in Sync FIFO mode for streaming out data

    I want to use FT2232H in fifo mode for streaming out data. The external altera FPGA reads the FT2232H at a fixed rate of 48kb/s. On my PC side, what I need to do is to continuously check the number of bytes in the transmit queue. If the bytes falls below 32, the program will feed 256 bytes using...
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    Clocked process triggered by pulse signal (VHDL question)

    What I would like to do is to execute a clocked process whenever the rising edge of a pulse arrives. Here is my code: process (pulse, clk) variable newTrigger: std_logic:='0'; variable cnt: integer range -1 to 32; begin if rising_edge(pulse) then newTrigger:='1'; end if; if newTrigger='1' then...

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