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Recent content by cgchas

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    2 loop circuit with a diode

    I am trying to analyze this circuit. I can do it without the diode using Thevenin equivalence and the simulator agrees, but with the diode in the circuit, my current calculations are a bit off and my voltage at test point Vtp is off as well. The simulator shows the following: current in the...
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    AVR Timer Interrupt Jitter

    What I want to achieve exactly is removal of clock-resolution jitter between an interrupt and the main loop execution of an 8-bit AVR. It seems that you are suggesting a fix for latency which is not what I am referring to. A defined or fixed delta would not do it because on AVRs, the interrupt...
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    AVR Timer Interrupt Jitter

    I am looking for options for eliminating interrupt jitter on an 8-bit AVR such as the ATmega328p. I am aware that if an interrupt occurs during execution of a multi-cycle instruction, this instruction is completed before the interrupt is served. This comes from 7.7.1 Interrupt Response Time...
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    What are the differences between these two PIC microcontrollers?

    Can anybody tell me what the difference is between PIC24HJ128GP202 and PIC24HJ128GP502? I am not seeing it in the datasheet. Thanks in advance.
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    [SOLVED] General Line Driver Datasheet Question

    I am looking for clarification regarding maximum continuous output current for the case where all pins are sourcing current continuously. For example, the SN74HC244: https://www.mouser.com/ds/2/405/sn74hc244-62043.pdf If I am reading it correctly, for the case where output voltage is between...
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    Looking for WW107 case style library for CadSoft Eagle

    I am looking for a PL-075 package layout for WW107 case style library for CadSoft Eagle if anybody knows of one or has done one. It looks like this: https://www.minicircuits.com/pcb/98-pl075.pdf https://www.minicircuits.com/case_styles/WW107.pdf Also, is it hard to make library files for...
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    Smoothing capacitor calculation problems.

    Just out of curiosity, what formula does your book have? Most I have seen have some form of C = I x t / dV where, C is capacitance I is current t is the time period dV or deltaV is the change of voltage in relation to the time, or Vr which is ripple voltage Assuming a 10% ripple voltage, the...
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    Smoothing capacitor calculation problems.

    My understanding, which doesn't necessarily come from a great deal of knowledge, is that power transformers generally specify AC RMS voltage as well as a current rating, so I would assume 22V(rms) in the absence of clarification. To solve for the filter capacitor, assuming full-wave...
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    discrete multi-stage vhf small signal amplifier

    I apologize for my miscommunication. The amplifier I am asking about is one that I wish to design for large signal voltage gain. Everything I have tried so far has been under the assumption that gain would be relatively constant and that the transistors would be operating in their linear...
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    discrete multi-stage vhf small signal amplifier

    Yes, the present circuit that I posted is the initial buffer. Gain is less than one and impedance is converted from high to low. It is converted to low in order to drive a voltage amplifier which is what I am asking about. What voltage amplifier topology is recommended for high frequency...
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    discrete multi-stage vhf small signal amplifier

    Ok so I realize now my gain calculations have been off because I have been attempting to amplify towards 10Vpp output off a 10V rail and that this is not small-signal model anymore, but rather this is non-linear/large-signal which means output is limited by the power supply voltage. If I am...
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    [SOLVED] Philips SAB1009 Datasheet

    I am looking for a datasheet for Philips SAB1009 / SAB1009B Wideband Amplifier. It is a rather old chip (14-pin dip 900MHz), but if anybody has the datasheet I would appreciate it. Also, if anybody can suggest a comparable, more modern alternative I would be interested in that as well. Thank you.

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