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    LCD engineering units

    display lcd 4 digit 4094 Thank Kasd, but these LCD aren't suitable to battery powered, the current comsumption should be less than 50uA I was reading hitachi 44780 datasheet and it current consumption is to much to develope a low-power LCD module, there is a LCD module with another controller...
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    LCD engineering units

    what are engineering units Kasd: I need 25 pieces to start, after that 50 pieces(approach) every 90 days, Syed: I am looking for LCD manufactures that can offer something like to this: > 6 to 8 Digits in line (approach .3" to .5" font size) > in a small font size beside, below or above the...
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    LCD engineering units

    lcd 4094 Someone Know LCD with engineering units ?, without controller I need it for baettery powered, I'm tring to desing a flow rate, I found a few manufacters of custom LCD but I could't get a clue about LCD manufacturer dedicate to LCD for insturmentacion. Best Regards

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