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Recent content by bzr2915

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    hspicerf simulation problem for measure vco frequency under different control votage

    Hi guys, The following is my measure commands: .HBOSC TONE=2500e6 NHARMS=12 PROBENODE=vin,vip,1 + SWEEP v_control LIN 10 0.1 1.6 .measure hbosc fh find 'hertz[1]' at=0.1 .measure hbosc fl find 'hertz[1]' at=1.6 v_control is the control voltage for my vco. I wanna to measure the frequency at...
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Just ignore the rf source we don't care the frequency and other things. I want to know is there any method convert a +/-0.6v power supply to a 1.2v? The front end is not a part of the question.. if I generated a 1.2 v directly by AC then I will lose half of RF input power by the fixed...
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Here is what I want. Let me know if you guys still confused. Thank you!
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    MOS Rectifier Test Circuit

    Anyway, you should put a ground to your tansponder I think. If not there is no path for your current to flow. And it is not equal to a direct connection from source to your tansponder.
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Thanks. This opamp need a high power supply to work in your circuit (10v and -10v). If I use an opamp to get a 1.2v output the top rail power supply is at least 1.2v right? But now I only have a -0.6v(bottom rail), 0.6v(top rail) power supply. I think you still confused my question. OK let me...
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Thanks for your rely! Problem is I want VDD to be 1.2v with respect to ground. And now I have a VCC is 0.6v and VSS is -0.6v both of them with respect to ground.
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Thanks for your rely! Yes it is a HF applicaition, I convert the AC input to a DC output voltage (vcc and vss). Can you show me how to use an op amp to get the VDD?
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    how to convert vcc vss to a vdd gnd voltage?

    Now I have a vcc = 0.6v and vss= -0.6 then how to convert this supply to a vdd = 1.2v ?
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    how does this voltage limiter work?

    The voltage limiter schematic is shown as above. How does this circuit work? Seems like vcc=vcc-vds(m5)-vds(m1)? I don't want VCC exceed 1v as well as VSS exceed -1v.
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    About PMOS Diode connection (current direction)

    Thanks for your rely! Yes, I know normally cmos bulk should be connected like what you say. However, diode is not avaliable to be integrated in IC design, right?. So I want to find a MOS diode, just function as an ideal diode(two port component) not the load as describe on the textbook. The...
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    About PMOS Diode connection (current direction)

    Help! About PMOS Diode connection (current direction) The figure above is a PMOS, when VL is higher than VR, there will be a current from VL to VR. It means that the diode turns on when it is forward-biased. On the other hand, when VR is higher than VL, the voltage of drain is higher than...

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