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    44MHz to 50MHz frequency converter

    Do you think if I use a 6MHz crystal and mix it to 50MHz, the adjacent channel at 44MHz will be ok. Anyone know where I can find a 6MHz crystal module and a 50MHz bandpass filter with SMA connectors?
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    44MHz to 50MHz frequency converter

    It is a 6MHz digitally modulated video signal, therefore too expensive to demodulate and remodulate. It will be combined with another 44MHz carrier, so filtering the 50MHz carrier will be very difficult in order to remove all the energy adjacent to it.
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    44MHz to 50MHz frequency converter

    I am trying to convert a 6MHz signal at 44MHz to 50MHz. I assume the best way to do this would be to convert the 44MHz signal to a frequency around 100-200MHz that I can find a standard 6MHz filter at. I guess I would require two frequency synthesizers (PLL+VCO) that work 6 MHz apart. I am not...
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    RF power amplifier parameters for DVB-T

    DVB-T is a modulator specification. The RF mask depends on what frequency you plan to broadcast. Check the spectral mask specifications with your regulatory body.

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