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  1. borut

    Measuring the car engine on/off via 12v power supply

    car power supply for engine Hi all, I have a task to solve. I have to measure when the cars engine turns on/off via 12v power supply. I know that when the cars engine runs in the 12V power supply it is possible to "trace" some noise, becouse the alternator generates some additional noise...
  2. borut

    Whats the role of 2 transistors in this power supply?

    Re: Power supply problem? Thank Yoo for the help.
  3. borut

    Whats the role of 2 transistors in this power supply?

    Power supply problem? Hello, please give me some information about the attached power supply? I don`t understand the exact role of the two transistors (BD176 and TIP32C)? I even don`t know what is the output voltage (Uizh = ? V), is 4V? I will be very thankful if somebody will explain me the...
  4. borut

    Service manual for Kenwood KRC 151

    Hello, I need service manual for the radio Kenwood KRC 151? Thanks in advance. Bye :wink:
  5. borut

    How to store Ericsson R520 already received SMSes on PC?

    mbyka I didn`t mean the unlocker for the phone. Thaks anyway for the prg... So, if I explain again what I need... I need some kind of interface, program (if this at all exist) to pass to SMS`s from the phone memory (SIM card memory) to PC. Bye
  6. borut

    How to store Ericsson R520 already received SMSes on PC?

    I will attach tomorrow, becouse I don`t have the software now. Bye
  7. borut

    How to store Ericsson R520 already received SMSes on PC?

    r520 at command Hello Anyone know how to store SMS that are already in the phone (Ericsson R520) on PC. I have the cable, I also have the software from Ericsson, but this tools only give the possibility to send/recive SMS and other things, but not to store on PC already recived SMS in phone...
  8. borut

    Simple schematic of S-video to RCA

    Hello her is the schematic, is very easy and it works (with PAL and NTSC): S-video side RCA side Y-ground ----------------+ +------------RCA/composite ground C-ground-----------------+...
  9. borut

    class-D pwm amplifier

    class d pwm Maybe you find useful this link, there are some basics about D type: h**p://
  10. borut

    Looking for schematics of auto power off circuit

    Hello try search on w/w/w/.epanorama.net
  11. borut

    I need documents about IIR digital filters

    Hello Try this link: h**p://w*w.dspguide.com/ there is also a chapter about filter design. By
  12. borut

    How to measure the torque necessary to move 7kg?

    Hello I suggest you to use the Prony brake. You find something on this link h**p://w*w.cga.edu/acd/De/dem/projects/first/Experimenation/torque.htm You also find a lot of links if you type on google -> prony brake+torque By
  13. borut

    Remote for remote controlled toycar

    Hello Try also on w*w.epanorama.net. There are a lot of links, is a good starting point to search the web for things about electronics, telecomunications, circuits,... By
  14. borut

    Please comment on my amplifier

    Great amp. Congratulations!
  15. borut

    How to setup a server on Linux?

    Linux-Server: How to? Hello I`m really new with Linux OS :( . I have to choose and set up a server on Linux OS. I need a "user frendly" handbook or link where is explained how to install, setup, configure and administrate servers on Linux OS. Thnak you in advance. By Borut

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