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Recent content by bndarei

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    siemens dual rs232 modem

    Hello friends i looking for schematic diagram of siemens dual rs232 modem B3D021 if anybody can help me i will be very happy
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    power transformers software

    Hello friends I need help .I looking for software how can calculate transformer for power switching supply (transformer with ferrite core) if anybody help me I will be happy .
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    PIC based video character generator

    Look this very good project
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    How to make an eprom programmer?

    Re: Eprom Programmer Here is a good free project for eprom programmer bdipro , very best programer dos version of soft http://www.geocities.com/pop_eco/bidi13e.htm, win version of soft **broken link removed**
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    need schematic for videopoker

    schematic for american poker 98 or american poker 96
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    need schematic for videopoker

    need schematic for American video poker slot mashine with z80 procesor
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    Looking for schematic for ICD2

    icd2+schematics hello this is icd2 from bol.bg :D :D :D
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    daewoo1511 monitor manual

    daewoo1511 djvu format
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    service manuals for Sony cd5, mz5, cmdx1000, cmdz1

    service manuals manuals for sony cd5,mz5,cmdx1000,cmdz1
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    Need plans for antenna grid for 2.4GHz

    Antenna grid hello need plans for antenna grid for 2.4 ghz or metodic for calculate antena grid sorry my bad english.. look this pics.. need metod for make antenna for the pics
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    PC FLASH BIOS Programmer

    bios programer schematic look this http://cnclab.da.ru/ very good flash programmers
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    universal eeprom programmer pcb /zoran mijanovich/

    this its 1:1 pcb for zoran mijanovich programmer in pdf format. Very very good programmer pcb its INVERSE!!!!!

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