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    [SOLVED] Atmel ATECC108 Crypto Module

    Hello guys, right now I am working with ATECC108, a CryptoAuthentication module from Atmel with Elliptic Curve Cryptographic capabilities. But I can't find any complete datasheet to it on the internet explaining all configuration fields (i.e. KeyConfig fields). I am using ACES (specific IDE to...
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    Difference between header file and library file in c

    Shortly, you can think a header as the interface to a library, with no implementation, just with the function signature that you can call in your program. When this function is called by the program the compiler links to the source code in the library. You can have lots of libraries that...
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    Linux Programming Language and Tool Suggestions

    In fact it's important to point that Linux doesn't has an official/standard language like Microsoft C# and .NET framework nor a standard graphic user interface. It works with every language since your linux distro has its compiler, although you can install any other you want either. Linux only...
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    Linux Programming Language and Tool Suggestions

    Maybe you already solved this question, but I say yes for both questions: 1. Qt with QtCreator IDE has gui interface designer (QtDesigner), either for Qt Widget (C++) or Qt Quick (QML); 2. QtCreator IDE is intellisense.

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