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Recent content by blerman13

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    WCDMA RAN P6 Delta - ebook

    Dear All, Does any one know where I can find the WCDMA RAN P6 Delta an Ericsson traning material Thanks
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    RF Planning and Engineering

    Dear All, I'm looking for a documentation regarding RF planning and engineering. I would be grateful if you could help me Regards,
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    How does the 5A Constant Voltage/Constant Current Regulator circuit using LM317 works

    Hi Matbob, since you have already built the circuit, you can try to put the R4, R7, D2, C5 and you will see the differences. It should be get some different results possibly better. Try it and let us know about your positive or negative results Regards,
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    Hi Ammaralwazzan, you can have a look on my attachment regarding Rayleigh Fading Channels in Mobile Digital Communication Systems Part I: Characterization. Also try to find his book as well. The book has title: B. Sklar , Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications, Englewood Cliffs...
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    Rayleigh Fading Channels in Mobile Digital Communication Systems

    Dear All, I'm attaching a pdf document for Rayleigh Fading Channels in Mobile Digital Communication Systems Part I: Characterization. I hope that will help you a lot in theMobile Digital Communication Systems Regards,
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    Network and rf planning

    Network and rf planning tutorial!!! Dear All, Here is a file about Network and RF planning in 2G and 3G. I hope that it will help the most of you with the basics of RF planning Regards,
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    RF Planning Tutorial!!!

    Hello, I use the forum which you suggest and it is very good Regards
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    RF Planning Tutorial!!!

    I'm interesting mostly for UMTS RF Planning and all the 3G networks if you have any tutorial/book/notes. Some basic (initally) material. Regards
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    RF Planning Tutorial!!!

    Hello Sherra, I'm sorry for my late response but due to site maintenance I'm sending you now my reply. My email address is blerman13@yahoo.co.uk. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon Kind Regards,
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    RF Planning Tutorial!!!

    Hi all, In my work I need any information about RF Planning 2G and 3G. I would be grateful if you could help me with any source of information.
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    RF Power Amplifier Design

    rf power amplifier desig Hi All, I have the following specification for an RF power amplifer: 800MHz - 1GHz +27 to +30 dBm P 1dB compression point S11=S22=14 dB S12>40dB S21>30dB 3V3, DC input=3 Watts output=500mW RF Two stage amplifier using BFG235 or CLY5(GaAs FET) Does anyone know how to...
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    Help on Ansoft Designer/HFSS and MATLAB

    ansoft helical antenna Hi, all I’m interested to learn quite well the Ansoft Designer and Ansoft HFSS. My problem is that I cannot find any tutorials step-by-step so I can learn both of the brilliant software tools very-very good. Another problem which I have got is that my company does not...
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    Components exists but Schematic diagram needed

    collection electronic schematic component To tell you the truth, if you are in the UK, there is a store called Maplin. Maplin sale a GCSE component kit for the students for college or university and provides with the components and the quantities which I stated above. The problem is that is not...
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    Components exists but Schematic diagram needed

    gcse component pack Thank you very much for the link it is very useful. The problem is that I have one veroboard and I was hoping to find a project to fit all the components which I have into the veroboard.
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    Components exists but Schematic diagram needed

    gcse component kit circuits Hi all, I have bought a GCSE component pack. It is an assortment of electronic components housed in a quality storage box intended for students following the GCSE courses in Electronics. The pack includes a wide selection of capacitors, resistors, transistors...

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