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Recent content by bjh1004

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    What is the best tools to simulate PLL?

    matlab code for pll mit hsim from nassda or nanosim from synopsys is good for fast simulation. (Accuracy is about 90 - 95% of hspice.)
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    How to set env variable of Nanosim !

    Which version of nanosim do you use? I use 2002.03 version, and there's nothing special environment to run nanosim and nanosimgui works fine for me. Thanks!
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    NFS on redhat 7.3's problem (help)

    You have to give both system rw option. For the solaris, share -F nfs -o rw=linux_host_name /home3 For the linux, mount -t nfs -o rw hostname:/home3 /home3 Thanks!
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    About Cadence Module - what is the mudule 32510?

    32510 is also part of Spectre. It's an option for verilog-A and spectreHDL.

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