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  1. bismillah

    Verification Questions in Interviews

    Thanks, Is there a way one can obtain some hands on training in verification with HVL like Vera, systems verilog, system c, with self learning tutorials?
  2. bismillah

    Verification Questions in Interviews

    Hi, I will be facing interview for verification engineer job with a client. Can anybody please tell me what questions to expect and what are the answers. Thanks in advance
  3. bismillah

    please post good digital questions here

    1. How do u convert a and-or or an or-and circuit to one with Muxes
  4. bismillah

    verification question please

    It could mean writing code in such a way which makes verification easier using EDA tools. Maybe verification guys can offer more explanation.
  5. bismillah

    Microprocessor - FPGA interface

    I have a rather simple question. Is there a vhdl code for the Microprocessor - FPGA interface. I am writing data from a microprocessor to FPGA (into BRAM). I need a generic code for a interface between microprocessor and FPGA BRAM. I will be using Altera FPGA. Thanks
  6. bismillah

    FPGA(Xilinx) IP Cores needed!

    Visit www.xilinx.com for IP cores
  7. bismillah

    ASIC FPGA VLSI in Dubai /UAE

    vlsi jobs in dubai ok
  8. bismillah

    What do u mean by design for verification

    It can mean either, the Design which is to be verified, or it may mean creating verification environment,i.e. writing behavioral models, and test pattern generation, so as to verify the DUT.
  9. bismillah

    Guidelines and resources for DSP beginners

    Hi, I am new to DSP. Can somebody guide me where to get started and to learn how to work in DSP in real world, Thanks
  10. bismillah

    Which on-chip bus is the best?

    Hi, Please provide some information(website,books, etc) about on-chip buses, thanks.
  11. bismillah

    I need help about PCI

    Hi, Please post material on this topic PCI, I know its a bus , but i wish to know more about it., pls post any websites/papers/books on this topic.
  12. bismillah

    How to start learning FPGA

    starten fpga Design Warrior's guide ---Available in downloads is a good book for FPGAs
  13. bismillah

    When do we consider STA during FPGA design?

    Re: Where does STA comes hi, Can somebody post any reading material / books / links on this topic, thanks

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