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    Testing diplexer filter shows bad PIM value

    diplexer filter PIM bad connect or material
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    Microwave engineering simulation software?

    you can download serenade SV or desinger SV ansoft com
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    question in ansoft designer

    I want to design a filter using stirpline by ansoft designer2.0. when i do the EM silmulation,the result not very well. who can help me? thanks
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    How to calculate the cylinder diameter of coaxial feed?

    Coaxial feed desing you can download ansoft appcad
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    [Help] Microstrip Filters

    you can select a high Q resonator,
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    Asking Projects for HFSS

    **broken link removed**
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    a filter book , help!

    I want to konw which book is the lastest for filter? thanks!
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    coupling coefficients in filter design

    design cavity filter hfss+designer you can insert hfss into designer
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    Looking for good software to design microwave cavity filters

    Cavity filters who is the first persion of coaxial filter
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    Zeland IE3D, Ansoft HFSS and CST comparison

    ie3d hfss comparison CST IS GOLD ENOUGH FOT RF
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    rf filter design ,help !!!

    ansoft designer

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