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Recent content by bigstrik

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    maximum frequency of random data in matlab????

    hi guys, when i generate a random data in matlab and i want to apply a lowpass filter to these data , how can i identify it's maximum frequency in order to determine the sampling frequency that i will use as an input to my filter for example : x=randint(1,10); %%% random bits...
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    Energy detction of OFDM signal by Matlab

    sorry for my late reply........ i tried to start to implement the energy detection technique with a simple code using QPSK but there was a different between the simulated curve and the theoretical curve ........ i designed the code based on constant false alarm rate , please help me in finding...
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    averaging FFT bins????

    thanx Mityan for your reply ..... the main aim i want to achieve is to use this block diagram to get the energy of the signal in the frequency domain .... and must be equal to the energy in the time domain ... and that's not satisfied with me ??
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    averaging FFT bins????

    dear Mityan , this is the block diagram where i found the block of " averaging M bins L times" so, what is M and L? and how can i evaluate them in matlab? thank you in advance.
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    averaging FFT bins????

    hi .... i'am working on a matlab code for energy detection technique ..... during reading thesis on this topic i found that to detect the signal in frequency domain,we use FFT. the part that i didn't understand is " averaging M bins L times" . what does it mean??? what is M and L?? and how can...
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    Energy detction of OFDM signal by Matlab

    hi ..... i'am working on a matlab program to apply the sensing technique of energy detection on OFDM signal and i want to plot the relation between Pd and Pf ,,,, i made a vector for Pf [0:.01:1] and calculate the threshold for each value of Pf ,, but the problem with me is that the Pd is always...
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    zero forcing equalizer for MIMO

    hi everybody. please, anyone can help me with matlab code for equalizing a rayleigh flat fading channel for 2X2 MIMO-OFDM i need only the code for the equalization part. thanks.
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    Ber simulation MiMo-Ofdm

    thanx 4 reply mrajib
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    Ber simulation MiMo-Ofdm

    please, help me with matlab code for BER analysis of MIMO-OFDM system .

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