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Recent content by bhushan233k

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    440v to 12 v transformerless circuit

    find attached image. but op current is low.
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    440v to 12 v transformerless circuit

    Dear sribangaram, you can design transformer less 12 v supply but it has very low op current capacity. can you tell me how much current you required for relay coil & led?
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    differential pair trace impedance calculations

    Thanks a lot SunnySkyguy for your reply... i got much help from your post......
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    differential pair trace impedance calculations

    thanks for reply.... i have used online calculators (plesae refer snap attached) but i can not reduce spacing less than 8 mils. so how can i achive 100 ohm differential pair ... - - - Updated - - - also no ground plane is used.....
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    differential pair trace impedance calculations

    dear friends I want to route 100 ohm differential pairs of LAN on two layer pcb ( 1.6mm pcb thickness ) with 8 mil trace width, 8 mil trace spacing , 1.4 mil trace thickness.(dielectric constant Dk=4.3 as fr4 material with 1.6 mm is used) can anybody help me how to calculate 100 ohm impedance...
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    pad to copper pour connection through spokes

    Is it right to connect SMD component pad to ground copper pour through spokes. what are advantages? where should i get info? Or any standard containing this info... thanks..
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    [SOLVED] which dxf file format works for importing in pads layout 9.2 design tool

    which dxf file format will work to import dxf in pads layout 9.2. detail format of dxf. please help...
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    MC PCB fails in H.V test

    for 1.5 KV ,10mA how much clearence and creepage u have used?
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    Pads to dx-designer schematic conversion

    Thanks TADE, But i have pads schematic file(PADS-9) and i m not able to open it in dx designer....
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    Winding ratio measurement of three phase transformer

    Dear friends , can any body help me on how to measure winding ratio of 3 phase transformer with single phase supply? Thanks...
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    Pads to dx-designer schematic conversion

    Hi Friends. I want to open PADS Schematic file in to dx-designer. can anybody tell how to do this? THANKS
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    Pin property for symbol in DxDesigner and PADS Layout

    Hi Veronica, u can create symbol as u want in pads schematic but u can change pcb decal in layout. just replace current pcb decal with two pads.

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