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    Need recommendation of a good book about cryptography

    book on cryptography Can any one suggest any good book about cryptography??i want to learn it my self,if some one can provide this book,i'll be thankful
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    How To Generate a Random Process ??

    Any one help me how to generate a Random Process, with using any MATLAB functions. I want to know that what logic behind it if I want to generate 1000 points Random Numbers, Pdf is also given with mean and Variance. But question is same How to generate the random numbers ??
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    Reading a 3-D image in Matlab

    Re: reading a image I believe all the Imags stored in the computer memory are 2d not 3d. but their effect is a 3d. it may be in jpeg or tif
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    what is "one sided exponential" sequence?

    Which is defined only on one side ie. right sided or left sided
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    Wireless communication using MATLAB

    You and do digital Modulation in this regard, its easy and reliable
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    Solution manual for Signals and System

    Re: manual solution Please go on www.gigapedia.org and get the solution
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    Number of samples required for FFT

    You need to take samples in the frequency domain according to the nyquist critrain and do sampling the frequency axis. It will be the fft
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    How to change from s-parameter model to time domain

    Just take inverse Laplace transform. In this way your Laplace domain will be converted into Time domain.
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    Need info about star tracking by image processing

    Re: star tracking I think it can be done through the application of Radars
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    similarity of Wavelet and fourier transform

    Both give you frequency information. But disadvantage of the fourier transform that it losses the time or spatial information. but Wavelet transform perserve the spatial information along with the frequency information
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    about jamming technique

    One way to jam a signal is, you must know the frequency of the signal to be jammed. Than generate a noisy signal of that frequency and send it on air. Your signal will be jammed easily.
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    How to use pilot symbols for imperfect channel estimate in Matlab

    Re: pilot symbols You can easily send a bit stream from the transmitter which is already known to the receiver. Than just estimate the channl by using any adaptive filter. Winear Filter, LMS Filter and RLS Filter can be used. Make sure the bit stream of your pilot signal is already known to...
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    Soln : Linear System Theory and Design by: Chi-Tsong Chen??

    Any one please send me the solution of this book. Linear System Theory and Design (Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) by: Chi-Tsong Chen
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    How to choose a DSP to use with an Inertial and MFL system?

    Re: How to choose a DSP Please send your spacification, what si your requirement and what you want to do, how fast you need to process your data. than i suggest you which DSP you may use for your particular task

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