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Recent content by bhagavanec67

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    Bidrectional transmission in coaxial cable with RF and power

    Thanks a lot for your kind and quick responses. Those answers helped me a lot so can u suggest me some of the bias t ICs/modules.
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    Bidrectional transmission in coaxial cable with RF and power

    then will it be possible to send some digital data using this. If yes how to over come the interference between the data/power and RF in the cable.
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    Bidrectional transmission in coaxial cable with RF and power

    Thanks for useful reply, but in my case i am sending rf signal from point and dc from another that is the DC voltage is in opp direction of RF transmission. So will it be useful in that case
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    Bidrectional transmission in coaxial cable with RF and power

    Hello every one, I have a question regarding bidirectional transmission with RF and power in a coaxial cable. Is it possible to pass a RF signal from one end and a DC voltage from another end of a coaxial cable. I gone through the older posts before posting this question. Those responses are...
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    Antistatic wristband strap

    Thanks again, but still I have a confusion about it. can you help me to know the "exact working of Wristband" Regards, Bhagavan.
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    Antistatic wristband strap

    Thanks for reply, When I am testing my wrist trap its showing 1Mohm but when I am checking my bands conducting lines to metal placed on the cuff its not buzzering. then how it will discharge my body's charge to ground
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    Antistatic wristband strap

    Hello, I want to know how an anti-static wrist strap will ground the charge of our body. I found a five line contacts on the band which has no relation with each other. so there comes this doubt.It will be helpful if I got the answer for it. thanks in advance.
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    OrCad/PSpice Lite Simulation

    can you post the pic of error log file
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    [SOLVED] how handset detects the operator

    Thanks for that. Its very useful for me. I am eager to know more things about technology. Thanks once again for spending your valuable time
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    [SOLVED] how handset detects the operator

    first of all thanks for replying. Who will send the command each time when you change yur sim will it be your handset processor or processor lied in SIM. As i gone through some of the presentations I found that there separate transceivers for GSM and 3g. Also an antennae switch. By observing...
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    [SOLVED] how handset detects the operator

    I got this doubt when I am studying about mobile technologies. " How mobile handset will detect the operator when you change your sim. As each operator has his own frequency then how handset will able switch immediately having only one duplex antenna." Thanks in advance
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    [General] FMC standard I/O voltage levels

    Hi, Here is another new question. I came across FMC connector in one of the projects I involved. can any one guide me what is it? and the I/O levels of the standard (which is VITA 57.1.as I have seen) Thanks to all Bhagavan
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    [SOLVED] EMI/EMc test doubt clarification

    `Hai every one, Can any one help me to reduce the noise with PCB for RE103 and CE102 tests. I don't have a much time to change my design and going for another new PCB. And i want to know whether it is possible to reduce the noise with out altering the design. Thanking you
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    Eager to know about EMI EMC tests for PCB

    Hello, I want to know about the RS103 standard EMI EMC test in detail. And also can I use the ordinary power cables for this test. My circuits runs on 9- 32 V Thnaks for all for your support
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    [PIC] problem with reset for uart tx

    Thanks for your reply. we too thinking of the same reason1 mentioned in your reply. Would you help me hoe to over come this. - - - Updated - - - we have max on our board to translte the logic. We are using 3.3V icd3 which is suitable for our MCU.

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