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    what is the size of waveguide wr-90 (for x-band)

    wr90 waveguide For WR-90 (X-Band, 8.2-12.4 GHz), the inside wave guide dimensions are 0.900" X 0.400". The tolerance is +/- 0.003".
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    PLL Using InP HBT technology

    Hittite has made many excellent VCOs and phase detectors. https://www.hittite.com
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    Why use transformer in RF circuit?

    Not only that the transformers can be used for broadband impedance matching (especially with high ratio) but they can also be used in effective conversion from single-ended to differential configuration and vice versa.
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    Free training classes for jobless EE.

    Mentor Graphics Corporation is offering free classes in programmable-logic design, PCB design, IC design and verification for jobless EE under their Displaced Worker Program. A complete list of course descriptions, schedules, and training locations is available at www.mentor.com/es. To apply for...
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    Which is best program for schematics and PCB

    But if you learn to use AL_Le_G_RO and become a expert with the tool, will increase your chance to get a job. A little difficult to use.
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    allegro skill file for silk screen ref des. orientation

    I would check the Cadence web site. I remembered they have lots of Skill codes program for AL_Le_G_R__o.
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    New to PCB Design .. need help??

    Merix is a fab house. They have ton of documents on PCB fabrication process (more than you want to know).
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    Looking for component layouts for PCB making

    For learning AutoCAD is a good tools. If you want to do pcb layout for High Speed bus, You really need to use of the following... (P_O_W_ER PC_B, A_LL_E_GRO, P_RO_TE_L). These tools allow you to define rules for your nets and check for routing violation.

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