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    FPGA to microprocessor external memory interface

    Either, SDRAM may give you a higher data bandwidth. Is the FPGA clocked of the same clock from which the processor bus timings are derived? If not (data inputs to the FPGA are asynchronous to it's clock) then you'll have to synchronize the inputs to prevent metastability problems (pass them...
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    How to Restrict Adult Content website in the networked S/m ?

    Re: How to Restrict Adult Content website in the networked S Use openDNS for the domain name servers (set at the router), set maximum safety on the opendns dashboard, and then manually tweak individual domains by blocking or enabling them.
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    free open-source ARM7 soft core runs uclinux in MODELSIM

    open source arm core Looks interesting, it would be good if a Chinese member could translate the getting started document into English. I've never heard of skyeye before, is it any good?
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    Where can I purchase Protel99SE with valid license?

    Re: Purchase Protel99SE You're very unlikely to get a copy. There was (still is) a Yahoo group dedicated to buying/selling legitimate copies but there has been very little activity in the last couple of years. I've been trying to buy a seat for the last six months with no success. Altium...
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    questions about SOM neural network

    With most SOM algorithms you don't have to assign random weights. If all the initial stored reference vectors were the same the network will still train correctly.
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    Inside Sparten-II??? (BSCAN, CAPTURE, STARTUP...)

    Loook for information on boundry scan testing on the Xilinx website.
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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    Dainis, thanks for the pointers. I didn't know about openocd and it's exactly what I need. I'm off to have a good read of these pages to try and see if the Amontec cable will work with te Rowlet tools as well, which would be a nice bonus.
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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    Hello dainis, in theory it should work, given that multiice is a windows application and the USB to parallel driver provides a virtual parallel port. I think the cheap cables I tried don't provide true didirectional port operation, although they're supposed to. You're probably correct though...
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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    usb to parallel converter wiggler openocd I do a lot of my ARM development using GNU tools with cygwin, debugging with gdb and multiice. I've been trying to use multiice using a USB to parallel cable (just so that I can use a notebook with no parallel port for debugging) , but the two...
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    any synthesis tool could convert rtl code to purely gate ?

    Re: any synthesis tool could convert rtl code to purely gate Just look at the RTL view in Synplicity, it'll show your design at a generic RTL level (rather than the device LUT level).
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    Looking for a good Linux text editor for Verilog design

    Re: Text Editor [Linux] Trust me, if you're serious about HDL design (on any platform) then learn to use emacs. You should be able to learn enough to be productive in a few hours, and it will save you time in the long run.
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    Is anyone using the CoWare LISATek Product Family?

    If you're using CoWare's LISATek tools I'd like to hear what you think of them.
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    help needed about miller effect and feedback theory

    The feedback resistor looks like Rf/Av to a source *feeding* the amp. Looking from the output the feedback resistor is just Rf.
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    salaries for embedded engineer

    engineering salaries in europe the_penetrator In the UK you should be looking at £25K+ (possibly to £30K).
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    Whats the best *.chm viewer for Linux?

    Re: *.chm viewer in linux I think there's only one - xchm (now at version 0.9.3). It's adequate.

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