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    Why bandpass code not working

    fs=4000; %half the sampling freq qhich is used for normalising wp=[3150 3700]/fs wp=wp*2*pi ws=[3140 3710]/fs %mychosen values ws=ws*2*pi [n16 wn16]=buttord(wp,ws,0.1,40);%my chosen rp and rs [z16,p16,k16]=butter(n16,wn16,'bandpass') i know its coz wp and ws are not between 0 and 1 but how...
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    Bandpass Design given only the the lower and higher cutoff freq

    i have had a look at them but im not sure how to determine the rp and rs given that i only have the lower and higher cutoff freq. such as,Filter No. Lower Cut-Off Frequency (Hz) Centre Frequency (Hz) Upper Cut-Off Frequency (Hz) Bandwidth (Hz) 1 100 150 200 100 2 200 250 300 100 3 300 350 400...
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    Bandpass Design given only the the lower and higher cutoff freq

    Hi I am trying to design a bandpass filter in matlab, i have the lower cutoff freq as 100hz and the upper cutoff freq as 200h. I do not know how to calculate the passband and stopband attenuation. I have chosen use to buttord/butterworth but i dont know how to determine rp and rs. thanks

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